Peter Carroll AKA Pet Bird ( 7/1/77 — 9/28/15 ) Kashink, Dark Cloud and Cash4 painted this wall to honor the memory of Peter who many of us knew and loved. “Peter was a compassionate, honest, witty, straight shooter no-nonsense type of guy with a very clever glint in his eye. He didn’t suffer fools gladly, didn’t put on airs, and when he needed to call out the BS on some blabbermouth or poser he would do it, no problem. He loved the graffiti scene and appreciated what Street Art added possibly because of what it didn’t require; permission, wordy catalogs, gate-keepers, pomposity, fakes. He loved Luna, cats, cars, graffiti, bicycles, science, medicine, and his friends.” We’ll miss you Peter. Head over to for our small tribute to Peter. @lunapark @brucelabounty802 #cash4 @kashink1 #darkcloud @rfullerrd