Brooklyn Artwork IMAGES OF THE WEEK: 05.09.21 New York is headed toward 70% vaccinated soon and the city is actually talking about offering to vaccinate tourists! Soon you can go to the Met, see a Broadway show, eat dinner in Little Italy, get cursed out by a homeless guy, and get a stab in the arm from Pfizer! New York, New York! It’s a wonderful town! So here’s our weekly interview with the street, this time featuring: 2 Much, Armyan, Cautious5, Cekis, City Kitty, Cramcept, Denton Burrows, GIZ, Healer, Homesick, Leviticus, LNE Crew, Lunge Box, MalincheArt, MeresOne, MrBbaby, No Sleep, Paul Richard, Ponzi, Ramiro Davaro-Comas, Smart, and Stikki Peaches. @stikki_peaches @leviticusfineart @xlnexscipxblx @el_cekis @optimonyc @thebushwickcollective @mrbbaby @citykittystreet @lungebox @ramirostudios @zimad_art @smart_ris @giz_nyc @dentonburrows @cramcept #2much #healer @paulrichardnyc @malincheart #cautio5 @meresone @ponziart @armyan_nispel @whoisdirk @tombobnyc @thesnoeman #homesick #west #jaimerojo #bsaimagesoftheweek #graffiti #streetart #muralart #urbanart