COMMUNITY AND STREET AESTHETICS POPPING AT JERSEY CITY MURAL FESTIVAL 2021. “But this time, the energy was extra charged by the undeniable fact that we’re all emerging to a familiar yet changed world formed by fear, death, insecurity, and longing. Artists were elated to see their peers once again doing what they love doing most: painting outdoors. There is a recognition from the artists, and everybody around that life is precious and the scars left on us by the Pandemic made this event a jubilant one.” @woes @ronenglish @lamoursupreme @imagine876 @maxsansing @rsantosii_ @hdoyle01 @jasonnaylor @bmike2c @beaustanton @jessekreuzer @pawnprice @kraveart @eyez @rorshachbrand @jahru @boykong #kirzalopez @joewaks @ellestreetart @riiisaboogie @josemertz @crashone @manapublicarts @jcmap @jcartandculture #jcmf #urbanart #muralart #jerseycity