Brooklyn Artwork IMAGES OF THE WEEK: 06.13.21 We have always admire the small, uncommissioned, one-off pieces, and we’ve been documenting that in whatever city we go to: In a way, that is what we actually consider to be street art. Unsanctioned and undercover, you’ll discover the most curious missives as you roam the streets. Don’t miss them! Enjoy.

Here’s our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring 7 Souls Deep, Adrian Wilson, Below Key, Drecks, Early Riser NYC, Ghostor Art, Hiss, Lunge Box, Miyok, Modomatic, Mort Art, Night Owl, Outer Source, Timothy Goodman, Tyler Ives, and Turtle Caps. @timothygoodman @modomatic @tylerivesnyc @plannedalism @lisaprojectnyc @drecks____ @lungebox @7soulsdeep @hissxx @mort_art @earlyrisernyc @miyokmadness @outersource @belowkey @naito_oru @turtlecaps #bsaimagesoftheweek #jaimerojo #streetart #muralart #graffiti