Brooklyn Artwork IMAGES OF THE WEEK: 06.20.21. Welcome to this Sunday’s edition of Brooklyn Artwork Images of the Week. It’s PRIDE in NYC and Father’s Day elsewhere, or at least in many parts of the world. Here’s today’s collection of works on the streets. Acne, Adam Fujita, Captain Eyeliner, City Kitty, Degrupo, Demure, Eugene Delacroix, Jeremy Novy, Lunge Box, Matt Siren, Modomatic, One Rad Latina, Plannedalism, Raddington Falls, Royce Bannon, Russian Doll NYC, SacSix, Sara Lynne-Leo, Save Art Space, Sticker Maul, The Creator, and Vy. @jeremynovy @stickermaul @stickermaul @plannedalism @citykittystreet @russian.dollnyc @saralynne.leo @lexibellaart @oneradlatina @roycer_700 @mattsiren @lungebox @thecreatornyc @adamfu @demurenyc @raddingtonfalls @saveartspace @degrupo @vyalone @sacsix @modomatic @captain_eyeliner #acne #bsaimagesoftheweek #jaimerojo #streetart #bsaimagesoftheweek #graffiti #muralart